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ClimateMaster, Inc., headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of water-source and geothermal heat pumps.


Learn more about ClimateMaster’s product offering below:

Forced Air (Water-to-Air) Heat Pumps

Small Packaged Units – 0.5 to 6 tons

Smaller capacity indoor units installed in closets (vertical) or concealed ceiling mount applications like schools, offices, condominiums / apartments and hotels.

Tranquility® 30 Two-Stage (TE) Series
Tranquility® 22 Digital Two-Stage (TZ) Series
Tranquility® 22 Digital Compact Two-Stage (TY) Series
Tranquility® 16 Single-Stage (TR) Series
Tranquility® 20 Single-Stage (TS) Series

Large Belt Drive Packaged Units – 6 to 25 tons

Larger capacity indoor units installed in mechanical rooms or closets (vertical) or ceiling hung. For use in school gymnasiums, large open areas in offices, hotels and manufacturing buildings.

Tranquility® 16 Compact Single-Stage (TC) Series
Tranquility® Large (TL) Series

Vertical Stack Series – 0.75 to 3 tons

Indoor units installed into the wall with removable “chassis” for easy of install and service. Popular in condominiums, hotels, assisted living, schools and other high-rise applications and where floor space is at a premium.

Tranquility® Vertical Stack (TSM) Series
Tranquility® Vertical Stack (TSL) Ducted Series
Tranquility® Vertical Stack (TRM) Series

Console Series – 0.75 to 1.5 tons

Duct-free console units installed inside the living space (where no ductwork is needed). A good solution for schools, offices, condominiums, assisted living and hotels.

Tranquility® Console (TRC) Series

Rooftop Series – 3 to 20 tons

Larger capacity outdoor units installed outdoor on roof or adjacent to building; outside air capable. A good solution for school gymnasiums, stores, restaurants and office buildings.

Tranquility® Rooftop (TRE) Series

Reversible Chillers (Water-to-Water Heat Pumps) – 3 to 40 tons

Small to large capacity units deliver chilled or hot water for a fan coil/air handler used to pretreat outside air, radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, industrial process control, domestic water heating, and many other hydronic heating or cooling applications.

Tranquility® Modular Water-to-Water (TMW) Series, 3-28 ton
Tranquility® Modular Water-to-Water (TMW) Series, 30-70 ton

Dedicated Outside Air – 4 to 30 tons

Deliver superior IAQ by introducing treated outside air to heat pumps. Popular in schools, hotels and office buildings.

Tranquility® Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (TOV) Vertical
Tranquility® Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (TOH/R) Horizontal

Energy Recovery – 300 – 12,000 CFM

Cost-effective outside air solution to deliver maximum energy efficiency in a make-up air unit, up to 100% outside air. A good solution for schools, hotels and office buildings.

RX Energy Recovery (ERV) Module


iGate™ (DXM2) Communicating Controls
MPC and LON Controls
Non-Communicating Controls

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